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IWC Portuguese Replica's Baselworld 2018, in collaboration with L'Epee 1839's old friends, isn't a clock but a thermometer, hygrometer, and (IWC Portuguese Replica) all in one.

The Fifth Element is a kinetic sculpture with a spaceship look that performs its functions mechanically. Each function is contained within a pod that fits into the structure.

The Fifth Element by L'Epee, 1839 in black

The clock module was based on L'Epee's 8-day movement. The barometer, thermometer, and hygrometer modules would have had L'Epee's designers reaching for the drawing board again. The four modules are integrated seamlessly into the main structure, but can also stand alone when they're disengaged.

The name of the thing is The Fifth Element.Rolex Datejust Replica But there are only four modules. Where is the "fifth component"? The alien passenger would be seated in the middle of frame structure.

The figurine, aptly named Ross, is able rotate around its own cockpit using a manually wound, air-regulated system. Ross will remind you of another IWC Portuguese Replica creation that had alien passengers aboard: the HM6 Alien Nation.

The Fifth Element is available in three limited editions each of 18 pieces in Black, silver and blue.