You are Welcome

You are Welcome

On View from November 02, 2007 – December 08, 2007

Human Graffiti by "M":

M’s Human Graffiti is a life-size interactive installation projected towards the street through the gallery windows. The installation is comprised of a series of screens that only display the objects in front of them (in real time) that have movement. These movements imprint temporary trails whose length, pattern and durability vary based on the individual’s speed and traffic. Viewers will be able to become part of the artwork by creating their own marks of expression as they walk through this documented space. This abstract public canvas allows the community to acknowledge its bustling visual presence while at the same time obliging them to be engaged in it - there is no way to view the work without committing to become a part of it.

Starfish Garden by AKAirways:

Inspired by the dynamism and variegation of starfish and other sea creatures, AKAirways’ Starfish Garden – curated by Christine Ritok - is a ceiling installation comprised of large breathing inflatable light sculptures. The shape and size of each of these breathing chandeliers is unique, and each sculpture touches and affects the movement and inflation/deflation of the others through electronic sequencers. As a whole, the kinetic installation provides a pacifying environment for viewers to heighten their visual and sensory understanding of their natural and social environment.