Work In Progress - Part 2 Work In Progress - Part 1 Africa: In Fashion & Fabric Africa: In Rhyme & Rhythm cu·li·nar·y Harvest/Haerfest The Economy of Food The Sculpture of Food The Food Design Show Lionel Cruet: In Between Real and Digital TERROIR Know Who You Are At Every Age BRURAL: Shattering Phenomena  MAPnificent! Artists Use Maps Tetra-Elements Small Projects. Big Change. An Exhibition by Pilot Projects Design Collective Process and Progress 5: Brooke Singer, SLO Architecture, NYC Department of City Planning, 596 Acres, BRAC's Teen Project Studio Process and Progress: Mary Mattingly and Michael Cataldi Process and Progress: Drew Manahan, Meta Local Collaborative & The Bronx River Alliance Process and Progress: Aaron Jones and Art Jones Process and Progress: Sonya Blesofsky and Lan Tuazon Piazza Gratissima by Brolab Virtual / Monumental For Closure (Outdoors, the Bronx) by Gabriela Salazar Bronx Night: Armory Week 2012 Shifting Communities - Closing Exhibition Shifting Communities: The Work Office (TWO), Publicworks Office (PwO), Work Progress Collective (WPC) Shifting Communities: Action Club; Hatuey Ramos-Fermín and Elizabeth Hamby Shifting Communities: SP Weather Station; Laura Napier; Christy Speakman Shifting Communities: BroLab; J&J; Nicky Enright AKA: Active Knowledge Academy The Working Title Acting Out About Me: KEYS OF LIGHT - a solo exhibition by MANUEL ACEVEDO Dialects IV Dialects v.3 Aurora Dialects 1.2 Black Gold Bartered States: Contemporary Art from El Salvador Jillian McDonald - Shivers  |  Jennifer Grimsyer Metro Poles Surprisingly Natural: the Nature of the Bronx Live & Active Graphite on Paper: Still Life with a Side of Cheese  |  Omar Chacón – Sancochos a la Cimabue Trappings: Stories of Women, Power and Clothing Beauty is in the Street You are Welcome Zooborhood by Eric Slayton  |  Paintings by Mark Giglio Freaks of Nature Debra Priestly  |  TRANSIT by Eleanor Dubinsky Sly Mind Over Manner Drift Flow Concrete Domain