Super Chef Magazine, 04/06/15
BRAC: The Sculpture of Food

By Juliette Rossant | web link

Do you miss Euell Gibbons?

Then, Super Chef suggests you take a walk on the wild side with The Bronx River Art Center (BRAC).

Saturday April 11th, SPURSE, a creative design consultancy that focuses on social, ecological, and ethical transformation, will lead a neighborhood walking tour.

We will learn the stories behind the “weeds” that have sculpted the neighborhood’s environment and think about new ways to interact with our ecosystem in a sustainable way. This walk will start at BRAC’s temporary gallery and compose a delicious spring foraged salad, ending with a picnic at Brook Park.

Make sure to also visit the center’s fascinating exhibit, The Sculpture of Food, on view until April 11.

In the works on display, food is both a building block for an art object and an idea to be conveyed. The materials chosen by each artist to construct the works - whether they be stone, fur, paper, or candy - create significance that could contradict or add to the cultural weight that belongs to an everyday package of candy or a bloody side of beef.

Food for your mind.